Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" has started the new 2020-2021 heating season in full power.

Currently, 90% of buildings are connected for heating - Salaspils and Saulkalne apartment buildings, private houses, companies and municipal buildings.

The heating season can be started at any time, on condition that the house has no debts for consumed heat energy, the heating unit and the heat supply system are prepared for the heating season.

Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" requests residents and house managers to check the operation of the building's heating unit and internal heating system before the start of the heating season, and carry out maintenance if necessary.

We request residents not to arbitrarily interfere in the operation of the heating system, for example, by venting the system, changing radiators without the Technical Design and coordination with the maintenance company of the residential house. Arbitrary interference with a building's heating system can damage the heating system of the entire house.

Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" reminds that from 1 October 2020 the heat energy tariff is 12.7% lower - 48.20 EUR/MWh.