Renovation of the apartment house at Skolas Street 7/2, which is managed by SIA "Tilderu nami", started in June 2021.

The five-storey house is rapidly changing its appearance - defects in the facade structure are being eliminated, the walls are being insulated. This will be followed by roof insulation, roofing renovation and replacement of old pipes.

The function of external walls is protection against climatic conditions. They protect against cold, excessive heat, excessive heat, strong winds and noise. A good exterior wall structure with a good thermal insulation solution is a necessary prerequisite for healthy and cozy indoor conditions, as well as energy savings.

After the renovation of the building, its energy efficiency and thermoregulation is significantly improved, so in winter the heat is not released outside, but in summer the pleasant cool remains indoors longer. The renovation has not only practical, but also aesthetic significance, therefore in the last stages of renovation the facade will be decorated and painted.

It is expected that the heat loss of the renovated house will decrease by about 40%, thus the heating fee will also decrease.