As the anniversary of the proclamation of Latvia's Independence approaches, the local government honors its most outstanding countrymen by awarding the title "Goda salaspilietis". The title is awarded for significant work in science, health care, social care, national economy, public safety, culture, education and sports, as well as for other investments in the development of Salaspils municipality.

 This year, Ina Bērziņa-Veita, a member of the board of Salaspils Siltums and the President of the Association of Latvian Heating Companies, will join the ranks of "Goda salaspilietis".

Ina Bērziņa-Veita has been managing the company since 2011. During these years, "Salaspils Siltums" has become a modern producer of heat energy, which is known not only in Latvia, but also abroad. Under her leadership, the company has undertaken a course of sustainable and environmentally friendly development to ensure a secure supply of heat to customers through the use of renewable energy sources.

In 2017, Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums was the first Latvian company to receive the prestigious award "GLOBAL DISTRICT ENERGY CLIMATE AWARD" and the Ministry of Economics letter of commendation for company contribution and performance in achieving energy and climate goals.

This year, Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums'' also won the GRAND PRIX - Construction of the Year Award 2019 and the "ENERGY GLOBE AWARD" - national level award for the first large-scale solar thermal collector field implemented in Northeast Europe. In 2020, Ina Bērziņa-Veita also won the title "Woman-Builder of the Year".