This year, Ina Bērziņa-Veita, a member of the board of the municipal company Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" and the president of the Latvian Association of Heat Companies, joins the ranks of "Goda salaspilietis".

From the moment she took over the company's management, a new era began in the Salaspils heat supply industry - significantly different from the past. The ceremony of awarding the title of “Goda salaspilietis” was different this year due to the country’s emergency situation. Ina Bērziņa-Veita received the award from the council’s chairman directly at her workplace - “Salaspils Siltums”.

Ina Bērziņa-Veita has been managing the company since 2011. During these years, "Salaspils Siltums" has become a modern producer of heat energy, known not only in Latvia, but also abroad. Under her leadership, the company has undertaken a course of sustainable and environmentally friendly development to ensure a secure supply of heat to customers at the lowest possible prices. Heating networks have been reconstructed, a new wood chip boiler house has been built, and the tariff for heating has been significantly reduced, and a support program for the renovation of apartment buildings has been successfully launched.

In September of 2019, the largest large-scale solar thermal power plant in North-Eastern Europe was opened. Salaspils Siltums became the first company in Latvia and the largest in the Baltics using solar energy in the district heating system.

Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” has repeatedly won prestigious international awards for its contribution and performance to reach energy and climate goals.

Presenting Ina Bērziņa-Veita a certificate of honor and a golden badge, Raimonds Čudars, Chairman of the Salaspils Council, emphasized: "As residents of Salaspils, we have a reason to be proud of the success of "Salaspils Siltums", which would not be possible if the company would not be managed by Ina Bērziņa-Veita. Let’s thank her for her contribution to our region and country, giving her the title of "Goda salaspilietis".

"It's a really big surprise for me, and I'm very honored. At first, I felt shocked. When I look at the list of the work we've done, it sounds immense, but in reality it's just a daily job I do with my colleagues. We're really happy to strive!" May we all succeed!" receiving the award, said Ina Bērziņa-Veita.

Source: Salaspils municipality

Photographer: Kaspars Suškevičs

Video: Salaspils Culture