Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” is state-of-the-art heat supply company, which provides central heating in the cities of Salaspils and Saulkalne. The activities of the company are aimed at a long-term and environmentally friendly development, so that customers would be provided with the reliable heat supply for the lowest possible price.

The citizens of Salaspils municipality have the possibility of keeping up with and analize the heat consumption of their house.


of citizens use central heating

60 000


Realized amount of thermal energy

27 MW

Maximum heat load of Salaspils consumers

Rewards and sertificates



“Woman – builder of the year” Salaspils Siltums managing director Ina Bērziņa- Veita



Salaspils Siltums earns GRAND PRIX of Annual Buliding Award 2019



“Salaspils Siltums” earns the worldwide Excellence Award in the energy sector

Myths about heat supply

Myth No.1

By signing individual heat contracts, Salaspils Siltums can receive a fee for the consumed heat energy from each apartment separately, as Latvenergo does, for example.

Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” supplies heat to the heat meter of an apartment house – the border of ownership. Authorized representatives (house managers) elected by the residents of the house are responsible for further distribution of heat energy to hot water and heating, as well as redistribution to apartments. According to the calculation methodology specified by the house, the house manager shall perform the above-mentioned distribution of the consumed heat energy, issue bills, perform collection work and pay to “Salaspils Siltums” for the heat consumption of the house for the previous month by the 20th.

Maintenance and upkeep of internal heat supply system (that belongs to all the residents of a house) are also incorporated into the list of duties of house manager. Residents pay the house manager for all these and other home maintenance works.

Myth No.2

Debts of non-payers increase the heat tariff in the city

The district heating company calculates the heat energy tariff in accordance with the heat energy supply service tariff calculation methodology. The methodology has been developed by an independent state institution – the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The heat supply company submits its tariff calculations together with all documents justifying the costs for approval to PUC. PUC checks the reasonableness of expenses, the accuracy of calculations and approves the heat energy tariff.

Paragraph 15 of the Methodology states: The draft tariff does not include costs for debtors (provisions for doubtful debtors).