The Public Utilities Commission evaluated and approved the new heat energy tariff of Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums”. From February 1 this year, the heat energy tariff in Salaspils will be 61,03 EUR/MWh. Changes in residents’ bills will appear starting with bills received in March. The increase in tariffs was caused by the rise in the price of natural gas, which has reached a record high level on the market.

"Although the situation in the energy market is currently exacerbated, the fact that various resources are used in heat production, which allows to produce part of heat using cheaper energy resources, is to be welcomed," explains Pēteris Dzintars, Chief Tariff Expert of PUC.

Thanks to the renewable energy resources used in our production, we were able to maintain a low heat tariff for a long time. Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” produces 90% of its heat energy from renewable energy sources, 70% from forest chips and 20% from solar energy, however, 10% is produced from natural gas. More natural gas is used during the winter when it gets colder.