The renovation of the multifamily building at Vitolu Street 3 is already in full swing! The project is led by the house manager Tilderu nami in cooperation with Salaspils Siltums. Construction work is performed by highly qualified specialists. At the moment, in terms of implementation of the project, the facade is being insulated, the roofing is being restored and the engineering networks - pipes in the basement are being replaced.

Renovation of a house is a significant step not only for boosting the energy efficiency, but also for its life time extension. Most of the multifamily buildings in Salaspils were built during the Soviet era, and by means of renovation works, their lifespan is extended by decades. After completing the renovation works, the external walls are no longer damaged by weather influence - frost, rain and other natural phenomenon are no longer able to damage their structure.

During the renovation, not only the walls are insulated, but also the attic and loggias, that will significantly reduce heating bills.

The best way to take care of your intercommunity is to vote for your house renovation. By doing so, the house becomes warmer, safer and more beautiful!