From the beginning of the heating season, despite a dramatic increase in the price of natural gas from ~ 10 EUR / MWh in 2020 to > 100 EUR / MWh in 2021, we have been able to maintain a constant heat tariff. The price of natural gas has increased 10 times compared to last year. This December was the historically coldest since 2012, so heat consumption has increased. It should be mentioned that the price of natural gas on the stock exchange in December reached even 222.5 EUR / MWh. However, residents will not feel this increase, because the tariff of “Salaspils Siltums” 48.20 EUR / MWh will not change by until February 1.

Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” produces 90% of its heat energy from renewable energy sources, 70% from wood chips and 20% from solar energy, however, 10% is produced from natural gas. More natural gas is used during the winter when it gets colder.

Thanks to the diversification of fuels and the rational combination of energy sources, we have kept the tariff unchanged until February and the planned increase will be lower than for those who use mostly natural gas for heating.

From February 1, 2022, Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” is forced to increase the tariff to 61.03 EUR / MWh, but as soon as possible we will reduce the tariff for the residents of Salaspils and Saulkalne.

This is the best time to renovate your home, that would help to reduce heat consumption by up to 40%. The amount of the grant available for apartment houses depends on the current heat price, right now the support of the European Union for the insulation of the house will be higher.

The company's specialist will be happy to provide consultations on renovation issues - write to or call 29227651.

We would like to thank the managers of Salaspils district houses for a responsible billing culture, which allows “Salaspils Siltums” to keep the heat tariff unchanged for longer. It is to be hoped that Ltd. “Namu pārvaldīšana” will take the example of other colleagues in the region and make payments for the heat consumed by the population in a timely manner. You can get up-to-date billing information here.