iso50001 award

"Salaspils Siltums" is authorised to provide the project management function of energy efficiency improvement projects of apartment buildings in Salaspils and Saulkalne.

"Salaspils Siltums":

  • Organises technical inspections and energy audits of buildings;
  • Works with designers;
  • Helps apartment owners apply for the receipt of financial aid by submitting an application to ALTUM;
  • Supervises all renovation process etc.

The renovation project includes the deep renovation of multi-apartment buildings. Deep renovation consists of both the energy saving measures (for example wall insulation, insulation of the heating system) and measures that repair the fabric of the building (for example fixation and repairing of the external walls) and engineering systems (for example replacement of damaged heating pipes).

For more detailed information about the renovation process in Salaspils and Saulkalne please look here.