Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” thermal energy  tariffs
(VAT* not included) in Salaspils and Saulkalne

66.59 EUR/MWh

Current tariff

In April, the state support for district heating clients (households) was calculated in accordance with Article 7, Part 2 of the "Law on Measures to Reduce Extraordinary Increases in Energy Prices" as 50% of the difference between the approved heat energy tariff and 68 EUR/MWh, i.e.

50% x (78.53 – 68.00) = 5.27 EUR/MWh.

Final thermal energy tariff for households in April – 73.26 EUR/MWh without VAT.

Last modified: 04 September 2023

What constitutes the tariff?

08/02/2013 Video presentation of the Public Utilities Commission (Regulator) on the district heating system's operation. It provides answers to questions about the formation of heat energy tariffs and various factors that determine the size of the individual payment for heat. The video presentation explains what a heat tariff is, how the tariff is assessed, how the heat payment is formed and what citizens can do to reduce their heat bill.

Methodology for calculating tariffs for heat energy supply services


How we produce heat

Animated film about heat production in Salaspils.

District heating tariffs

Latvian district heating tariff map.

Outdoor air temperature graphs

Outdoor air temperature schedules - in the months of the heating season.