Sample contracts

Technical regulations

The technical regulations may be requested and received by the real estate owner or a person authorized by him by submitting a power of attorney. The regulations include all the information necessary for the development of the heating network construction project and ensuring the facility's heat supply. Technical regulations can be obtained in the technical part of Ltd. "Salaspils siltums".

There are two types of applications for technical regulations:

  1. Application for technical regulations for connection of an object to a district heating system with heating network and / or ISM construction / heating network and / or ISM reconstruction.

  2. Application for other types of technical regulations

    • objects where it is intended to use alternative heating;
    • for relocation of heating networks;
    • demolition of buildings;
    • for the development of a detailed plan;
    • for the design of streets and bicycle lanes;
    • territory improvement, etc.

Receipt of approval

To receive an opinion from Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" regarding the structure's readiness for putting into operation, a relevant application must be submitted. The application must be accompanied by a printout of the graphic part of the heat supply part performance measurement plan with the indicated designed and actual connections (with the assessment of the Salaspils District Council Construction Board), as well as the technical regulations of Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" (if such were issued).