Myth No.1

Long-term credit liabilities are a big risk

After energy efficiency measures are implemented, the heating fee decreases. The saved amount will be spent on repaying investments or credit liabilities. As a result, the monthly payment of the house residents will usually not increase. The increase may sometimes be slight, but it will result in a tidy and arranged house environment.

Myth No.2

The quality of construction work will not be at a high level

The construction process, the choice of materials and the selection of specialists, are strictly limited by the construction tender, which clearly stipulates the customer’s requirements. A qualified and strict construction supervisor significantly improves the construction result, as he controls and is responsible for the entire process and performs significant inspections during the acceptance of work. The house residents can also get involved in the construction supervision process and report poor work to the project manager or responsible construction supervisor.

Myth No.3

After insulation, all walls are molded

A good solution for the ventilation system prevents the formation of mould. A successful ventilation system also significantly improves the microclimate of the apartment. New technological innovations are being introduced every year, and many successful ventilation system solutions have also been found for residential homes.

Myth No.4

Selecting a partial renovation process is not possible

Complex and simultaneous construction work can significantly reduce costs. Also, the energy audit and technical survey determine each house’s individual condition, and accordingly, construction work is planned for the preservation of structures and energy efficiency. Therefore, each house only receives the type of work that is needed.

Myth No.5

Replacing the radiators and windows in the apartment will damage all previous repairs

Old wooden windows are not dense, so they allow a lot of heat to pass through. It is mandatory to replace these windows with new, dense windows. In the process of renovation, it is necessary to do windowsill repair so that the window looks more visually pleasing. Radiator replacement is quick and cannot be detrimental to previous apartment repairs.


Myth No.6

"I'm happy with everything, I don't want to change anything!"

Most of the residential houses in Salaspils and Latvia were built between 1960 and 1980. Construction experts have long warned that the life span of apartment buildings built in Soviet times is coming to an end. Residents should thoroughly consider their house’s safety and if they can really afford not to change anything. The house’s appearance is also important because a beautiful and safe house increases its value, and homeowners can sell their property for a higher fee.

Myth No.7

Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" should not be interested in lowing heating consumption by insulating houses

The heat supply system is united from production to final consumers or residential houses – so making changes at one point or in one residential house affects the whole system. Therefore, the heating company is also involved in renovation and insulation works, as it needs to forecast its future investments (how many boilers will be needed) and optimize them as much as possible over time. Since residential houses will sooner or later start the process of insulation, it is better for the heating company if it is planned rather than spontaneous.

Myth No.8

Ltd. "Salaspils Siltums" started renovation and insulation works of the buildings to earn money

Ltd. “Salaspils Siltums” is a municipal company, and its goal is not to make a profit at the expense of residents. Salaspils municipality’s position is that the renovation of houses is vital, and a heating company was authorized to implement this process. The whole renovation process will be transparent – for the renovated houses, an explanation of the costs will be added to the bill – how much credit, how many interest payments, administration costs, etc.