Salaspils Siltums takes care to keep your home warm and comfortable.

During spring, when the sun starts shining brighter, we get most of the heat without fuel and burning - from the solar collector field.

The sun shines more during the day, when a lot of people are not at home, and the consumption of hot water is not so high. Therefore, part of the produced heat is stored in the storage tank. The temperature at the bottom of the tank is about 42 degrees, but at the top it can reach up to 90 degrees.

When it gets cold, two wood chip boilers start working, but if they are not making enough power, then high-efficiency gas boilers start work.

Wood chips are burned in woodchip boilers, which are obtained from tree biomass, which remains in the forest after felling. The burning temperature of wood chips in the boiler furnace can reach up to 1000 degrees.

When the wood chips burn, hot flue gasses are produced, which are then led to a water heating boiler, where they heat specially treated water - a heat carrier. Before the flue gases enter the atmosphere, they pass through a multicyclone, which acts as a filter to clean the hot flue gases from the ash particles. The purified flue gas at a temperature of 160 degrees passes through a condenser which recovers the heat and reduces the flue gas temperature to 45 degrees.

All technical processes in the boiler house are supervised by a highly qualified operator. Salaspils Siltums’s team takes care of your comfort and keeps up with innovations in heat supply.