Even though the heat tariff has decreased by 12.7% since 1 October 2020, the outdoor air temperature plays an important role in the amount of the heat charge. Outdoor air temperature affects how much heat energy is used for heating - the colder the winter, the higher the payment for heating.

In December 2020, the average outdoor air temperature was +0.6 ° C, in November it was + 5.7 ° C.

Therefore, December was 5.1 ° C colder than November. As the outdoor temperature drops by one degree, consumption increases by an average of 5%. Accordingly, heat consumption in December increased by about 25.5% compared to November. The amount of days in a month is also important - the longer the month, the more heat is consumed.

Another important factor is the comfort requirements of the residents for indoors - the higher the temperature one wants in an apartment, the higher the consumption. For example, in automated heating units, it is possible to set the parameters in a way that during the night the indoor temperature is reduced by a few degrees, increasing savings up to 5-10% per month.

The energy efficiency of a building can significantly affect the consumption of a house for heating - the higher the losses through the building’s walls, roof, and basement, the higher the consumption. Heat energy consumption is significantly lower in those homes where energy efficiency measures have been carried out - insulation of external walls, basement, and attic/roof.

We would like to remind you that Salaspils Siltums only supplies heat to the building. The house manager is responsible for distributing and regulating heat consumption in the building’s internal system. For your attention - January of this year is predicted to be the coldest of the last three years. Thus the heat consumption will increase.